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About us

The Social Lens was founded with the purpose of doing good in the
community while also doing good for you. We specialise in high-end
impact reports, interviews and short films for philanthropic organisations, family offices,
charities and the private sector. We do good for your organisation by creating gorgeous and impactful films
and, when you work with us, we do good for the community by creating job
opportunities and advancing the careers of neurodiverse people. Additionally, as a
neurodiverse-led company, we help educate businesses and organisations on how
to work with neurodiverse people to create a safer, more conducive, and mutually
beneficial environment for generations of neurodiverse people to come.

Autistic people are six times more likely to be unemployed than non-disabled people,
which is why we ensure that every job provides an opportunity for learning and
professional growth for a neurodiverse person. A foot in the door will allow them to
continue with greater experience and knowledge, creating a flow-on effect in which
neurodiverse people continue to get work and carve a path to a successful career in

the creative industry. 

The reason why over 31% of autistic people are unemployed, three times more than
those with other disabilities is because of misconceptions, misunderstanding and a
lack of support in workplaces. To combat this and ensure neurodiverse people are
given the optimal chance to succeed, we also hold neurodiverse-run and -led small
workshops in which businesses, organisations and employers can learn the best way to work with
neurodiverse people so that everyone can succeed and do amazing things.

To do good for your business while doing good for your community, contact us below
or via email directly at If you would like, check out our portfolio and then contact


Due to the nature of our business and the difficulties that come with having a disability and being neurodivergent, for the emotional and physical safety of all those we work with and/or employ, we don't include images or blurbs about our team though we are excited to meet you and for you to meet us when we work together. 

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