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Please email us to discuss your project and for a quote.

Prior to the 4-hour shoot, we do all necessary pre-production in order to achieve exactly what you need.  Once the 4-hour shoot is complete we go through a complete post-production workflow before delivering a powerful video that meets all your needs and wants.


Half-day package


Full-day package

After discussing with you exactly what you want. We figure out how to achieve it. We go through our entire pre-production workflow and then shoot the project for a full 8-hour day before moving into post-production where we complete and deliver the project in the highest quality.

If your idea will take more than 1 day of shooting then the multi-day package is the option for you. We do all of the pre-production to organise all necessary parts and people to complete the job to the highest standard in the most time-efficient manner. We can do multiple half-days, multiple full-days or a combination of both until we get everything we need. We then take the project into post-production before completing and delivering the beautiful and impactful film your organization needs. 


Multi-day package


Our Services


With us, we will work together to discover exactly what it is you are after, what platforms the film will be shared on and the best way to execute our collaborative vision.

- Pitches

- Mood Boards

- Storyboards

-Scripts (When Necessary)

- Location Scouting

- Scheduling



With a business about supporting neurodiverse people, our crew will always feature a neurodiverse person, even on one-person jobs. 

- Directing

- Cinematography

- Production design

- Audio capture

- Data management

- Cameras

- Lighting

- Grip and electric equipment

- Audio equipment



Once we wrap we can then move to our comprehensive post-production workflow.

- Editing

- Sound Design

- Colour Correction

- Colour Grading

Additionally, if the project requires it, we offer;

- Motion Graphics

- Visual Effects



The unemployment rate for people with Autism is six times higher than for those without a disability. Part of our goal as a business is to increase the number of neurodiverse people working in film and to aid in the inclusion of neurodiverse people in the creative industry.

The most important step is the education of those that may employ neurodiverse individuals. Here at The Social Lens, we will work with you to create an education program focused on the best way to work with neurodiverse people so we can make the world a better place while doing amazing things for your organization. 

To do this we host small, personal workshops with a few key, important and influential people from your organisation to work together, discuss, train and educate them on hiring and working with neurotypical people.

If you or your organisation wish to learn more about how to hire and work with neurodiverse people then please get in contact with us to organise a workshop.



The Social Lens has a history of doing pro bono work for charities like Housing All Australians and we love to help out those in need. If you are a charity doing good things in your community but have a limited budget please get in contact with us through the email address at the bottom of the page so we can try to organise a way to help.

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